Marta Benlloch Benet is a Spanish professional, skilled in both strategic and operational communication and project management. She is a creative, resourceful, independent, and honest team player, with a passion for art direction and photography, driven to work for a more human world. She was born in Valencia, Spain, but has been living in France for over 6 years.

Marta’s fascination with design was ignited with the help of her parents. Beeing both architects, her house always vibrated to a mixed sound of art, lots of books, science and design. Her passion for photography started thanks to her father, and she honed her skills throughout her formative years in audiovisuals and advertising. Always striving to work on her vision, her focus primarily revolves around experimentation in both digital and analogue procedures.


We’re not big on ‘proprietary methodologies’. The kind of tangeled challenges we solve need careful unpicking. So, step by step, with open mids, we design the journey to take us to the right answer.